What You Should Be Doing In South Australia’s Barossa Valley?

Located about sixty kilometres or so northeast of the beautiful city of Adelaide in South Australia, Barossa Valley is one of the most popular valleys of the country. Through the valley flows the North Para River, and a number of picturesque towns dot the valley alongside this river. The Barossa Valley is often named as one of the top tourist destinations in Australia, and with good reason – here are some of the main activities you can enjoy here:  

Wine tours Adelaide Hills – obviously, the number one activity that you should not (and rightly cannot) avoid in this valley are the obligatory winery tours. The Barossa Valley has gained prominence as one of Australia’s main wine-producing regions, and among its productions the red Shiraz wine is the most well-known. There are a number of traditional boutiques and wine cellars throughout the valley, and it should be a pleasure to spend a few bucks on a tour hosted by any of the hotels in this area or the nearby Adelaide.

  • The Barossa Vintage Festival – if you are a fan of wine, then make sure to drop by Barossa Valley in the autumn season, preferably by the end of March or during the early weeks of April: you will be able to attend the Barossa Vintage Festival. Celebrating the success of the winery industry, this festival was held following the end of the Second World War and has run uninterrupted since. Wine lovers will be able to experience a number of wine-related activities, and you surely won’t be disappointed.
    • Great skydiving tours – the Barossa Valley also is also graced by the presence of the Barossa Range, which is in turn part of the Mount Lofty Ranges and reaches a height of nearly two thousand feet. Hotels in this location cater to a variety of mountainous activities, including skydiving. If you are a fan of adrenaline-inducing activities and are a thrill-seeker, then there is no better activity for you than to try out Barossa Valley’s skydiving activities!
      • The Barossa Farmers’ Market – another thing Barossa Valley is known for is its culinary prestige: you can definitely count on the various dineries and restaurants to please your taste buds with their cooking repertoire. On this point, make sure to drop by the local market held by the farmers on every Saturday: it offers fresh produce of the highest quality, as well as a range of desserts and snacks from delicious ice creams to cool you down in summer and piping hot pastries to warm you up in winter. You can count on most of the food to be organic and devoid of processing, and there also are plenty of options for those with allergies and intolerances.